A day trip to Chantilly from Paris

Picardy is an authentic and exclusive destination in northern France, just a short ride from the French capital of Paris, making it a convenient destination that’s full of stunning sites to visit.


The Domaine de Chantilly in Picardy

The small, charming town of Chantilly, also known as the equestrian capital of France, is just 50 kilometres away from Paris and an hour’s drive by coach, making it an easy and exciting day trip for culture and nature lovers.

The Chantilly castle lies in the middle of an enchanting forest and exquisite French gardens designed by André Lenôtre, the famous gardener of King Louis XIV. The castle hosts magnificent royal apartments, as well as a unique collection of ancient paintings, second only to the Louvre museum in Paris.

Horse show in Chantilly
Horse show in Chantilly

In addition to the castle, you can visit the great stables, also part of the Domaine de Chantilly. These stables are home to a live horse museum and boast magnificent horses. You can take in an exhilarating horse show twice a week or, at the very least, watch the training session that take place every day.


La Capitainerie in the Chantilly Castle
La Capitainerie in the Chantilly Castle

For lunch, you can savour French cuisine at the Domaine de Chantilly itself:

La Capitainerie in the ancient kitchen of the castle offers traditional French lunch and whipped cream demonstrations

Café des Ecuries in the Great Stables offers quick bites

Le Hameau in the middle of the park serves authentic French dishes


For more information on the Domaine de Chantilly, check our tour for individual travellers: A Fairy Tale Day in Chantilly.


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