A dash of the Desi in Northern France

Indian food in Northern France

Even as you enjoy new countries and cultures, there’s nothing quite like tucking into a good Indian meal. In Northern France, we offer many options to Indian travellers to ensure their stay is a comfortable one. So whether it’s chicken curry or homemade-style dal chawal, you’ll never feel home is far away!

We have handpicked local Indian restaurants and made sure that they are able to serve proper Indian food. In these restaurants, which can welcome groups of up to 100 people, you can either go for an a la carte service or a generous buffet.

Prefer to have a meal organised at a prime location? We can make it happen. Imagine an Indian meal served at the Chantilly Hippodrome with a view of the racecourse or a traditionally-adorned reception room in a classic French Château-Hotel. Or maybe desi food at a gallery at the Chantilly castle or Parc Astérix is more your style?

We have selected experienced caterers, who have previously worked with Indian travellers, to make that unique dining experience a reality.


Indian performances and Bollywood shows

Want to throw a party for a special event in France but one with an Indian twist?

Northern France can fuse the best of both worlds together in our exclusive locations. Impress your guest with a colourful Bollywood show on a royal French ground or a concert of Indian music in an enchanting forest. If you prefer traditional Indian dances, we can arrange performances from Kathak to Bharatanatyam in a French theme park.

And, of course, no proper party would be complete without a dance floor playing Bollywood songs all night long.


Indian décor for an Indian-style event

Indian decoration candel and flower_f9photos

No Indian event in France would be complete without the ambience created by Indian décor. Think rich and colourful fabrics on sofas and canopies, traditional Indian furniture, flower bouquets, and garlands to welcome guests, servers clad in traditional Indian wear, incense, horses and elephants…

We can plan it all in Northern France and provide the best Indian services in France.

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