Testimonial Nishank Syal, Director at Penta Travels

Nishank Syal, Director of Penta Travels in New Delhi, visited Northern France in March 217, on the occasion of Rendez-vous en France.

He explains why France has always attracted Indian tourists, and how, slowly, the travelling habits are evolving. Indian travellers now want to do something new and experience different places. That is why Northern France is a good option. With unusual places to visit, a dedicated expert who knows Indian culture and very easy access by road and rail, it can be clubbed with a city and promoted toward honeymooners and families.

“[…] I think it’s a very nice place… we can promote Chantilly, Saint-Valery and Amiens in fact, for the cathedral, as places where people can drive around […]”

“[…] Chantilly was a very very nice town. It was something which I had never explored in Northern France, so that was actually the highlight of the trip. […]”

“[…] I think couples of course is the number one, because Chantilly, Saint–Valery and Amiens are very romantic very places. I think it’s also suitable for the families for a small break from Paris on the way back to India. […]”

“[…] If you have a local contact and a local person who understands your market it’s always the best. I mean you know the place, you know the places to eat, you know the market, you know what they like what they don’t like. Of course it’s always good to have a familiar face. […]”

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