Testimonial Suzanne Pereira, Sr. Vice President – Thomas Cook India

Thomas Cook is a leading tour operator in India. They organise holidays for groups and free independent travellers as well as MICE movements for business travellers. Suzanne Pereira, from Thomas cook, visited Picardy in December 2014. In this video, she tells us why Indians want to visit France and explains that Picardy has great potential for Indian business travellers.

France, a “fabulous” destination for Indian travellers

“[…] France has a variety of multifaceted experiences, and for the Indian consumer who is always looking for a wow experience, something different, something new, it has a fascinating range […] fabulous exciting experiences. […]”

Picardy’s potential for business travellers

“[…] The business travellers, the MICE and the incentive travellers would love Picardy. I think being close to Paris has great potential […] So if you want to spend 2 days in Paris for example during meetings, and then you spend the weekend and beyond in Picardy to just experience, to discover a very laidback life. […]”

Hospitality in Picardy

“[…] I have looked at the service orientation of the people we have met in Picardy and, I must say, I am very impressed. For them, service comes from the heart and that is very special because when your emotions speak, they speak louder than any words. […] Picardy has history, […] the cuisine is very attractive, […] the outdoors have a fascinating diversity, […] Picardy has that lovely influence of laidback farm life, which I think Indians would love. […]”

Connecting to a French expert on Indian culture

“[…] I think it is a new opportunity, which is to me very inspirational. It is very strategic and I think it is a very clever move. Because you have somebody who would understand us, so there is no breaking down of barriers, there is immediate understanding. […]”

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