Testimonial Nagsri Prasad Sashidhar, Senior Consultant – leisure division at Mercury Travels

Mercury Travels is one of the main players in the Indian tour operator’s community. Nagsri Prasad, Senior Consultant at Mercury Travels, came to Picardy in December 2014. In this video, she shares her insight about free independent travellers from India, and their expectations when it comes to travel. She also shares her impressions about Picardy — why it’s well-suited for an Indian audience and why it makes for an authentic experience of France.

Factors for Indian FIT to choose a new holiday destination

“[…] France has always been a very aspirational destination for Indians […] when he is on a holiday, normally he tends to take pretty much 1 week to 10 days off, or more, and during that time he wants to take in as much as he can in a particular country. […]”

Impressions about Picardy

“[…] For me, Picardy would be more like real France, it is more authentic, right form the Bay of Somme that I visited recently, right on to the Oise châteaux. Everything along the way, in between, just reassured me that it is the ideal destination for Indians because you have got everything. So it is a complete 10 on 10 destination and it is fabulous. […]”

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